P.O. Box 44522  Madison, WI 53744  tel.(608)276-7680
Welcome to Madison Mennonite Church.

Worship services are held Sunday evenings beginning at 6:00pm. We meet in the Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ building located at the corner of Gilbert Road and Tolman Terrace a few blocks south of the intersection of Whitney Way and Gilbert Road.  See the map for detailed directions.

Nursery care for young children is provided; quiet children are welcome to stay with their parents if they are not comfortable in the nursery. Conversation and fellowship for all follow the worship service. 

Christian education time for children and adults begins at 5:00 pm, August through June.  There is no Christian education time during July. 

See the Calendar for more information on our current activities.

Wondering what to expect if you visit us? 

Our congregation numbers about 100. Our services, organized around themes of current interest to the congregation, are non-liturgical. Themes are developed through music (usually traditional hymns sung a capella or with accompaniment), prayer, Bible readings, stories, and commentary.  Shared leadership is a key element of our worship services and of all aspects of our community life.  

Our interpretation of the Anabaptist tradition in contemporary urban living leads us to emphasize the life and teachings of Jesus in addition to his death and resurrection. Drawing upon the Anabaptist-Mennonite faith heritage, we value community, refuse violence, and seek ways to promote peace and justice.  Instead of defining our community with doctrinal boundaries, we welcome all who feel drawn to Christ.  Our decisions are made by consensus.

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