Madison Mennonite Church
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Small Groups.  Many in our group enjoy more involvement with each other than our Sunday evening meetings permit.  Small groups are created around common interests and vary widely in their size and shape.  Current groups include:

After-Church Potluck - not a small group in the usual sense, but all are invited to stay for an informal pot-luck meal following the Sunday service.  

Singing Group - meets periodically to sing.  Usually we sing four-part harmony from the Mennonite Hymnal.  

Movie Group - may hold the honor of the longest continually running small group (since November 1989).  Movie lovers and their friends have gathered regularly to watch and discuss video movies.

Bible Reading Book Group - meets every 3-4 weeks to read and discuss the Bible in book-sized chunks.  The group, attended regularly by some, and sporadically by others, began in November 2001 and since has read the entire Bible three times, now on the fourth pass.. 

Women's Group - meets for conversation about once each month.    

Greasy Breakfast Group - a mid-week before-work breakfast.  It's the breakfast that's greasy, not the group. 

Children's Playgroup - Parents and their young children get together for play time.

Boggle Group - meets occasionally to play Boggle.

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