Madison Mennonite Church
P.O. Box 44522  Madison, WI 53744  tel.(608)276-7680

Worship at Madison Mennonite Church

At Madison Mennonite we seek to plan worship services that draw us into deeper relationship with God and that are relevant to our daily lives. It is our hope that worship will both comfort and change us so we will live out our faith in ways that bring peace and justice to our world.

Our worship services (Sunday evenings at 6:00pm) are planned by the Worship Planning Committee (WPC), which is chaired by the worship coordinator. Members of the WPC provide leadership for the planning of individual services, which are arranged around Biblical and theological themes selected by the WPC. Some examples of past themes are Metaphors for God, Caring for Creation, the Gospel of Mark, Practicing Gratitude, the Book of Acts, Parables from the Bible, and Living by Faith, Not Fear. We also observe some parts of the church year, including Advent and Lent.

Our services are non-liturgical and incorporate prayer, Bible readings and stories, sharing, and commentary from our pastor and other congregation members. Music is also an important part of our worship. We continue the Mennonite tradition of singing hymns a capella, and we also welcome instrumental accompaniment.

Typically, there is broad participation of the congregation in worship, including children. Along with welcoming children as active participants in worship, almost every service includes a time specifically planned for the children.

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