Congregational Leadership

Below are short descriptions of committees and other positions that help enrich our church life. These groups and people do a lot more than what is detailed, but here is the gist:

Church Life Committee (CLC) – The CLC coordinates the life and ministry of the congregation by coordinating the activities of other committees and members of the church; developing long-range planning and vision; working with the treasurer to develop and present a budget to the congregation; and really all “business” things that don’t fall under another committee.

Care Team – The purpose of Care Team is to celebrate and support members of the church community. Care Team is comprised of the pastor and six members of the congregation. Care Team celebrates life transitions including baby dedications, baptisms, graduations, moves, etc. Care Team also supports and prays for members of the congregation experiencing challenging life events and administers a benevolence fund for meeting emergency needs within the congregation and the larger community. This is part of MMC’s culture of congregation-wide pastoral care.

Adult Christian Education (CE) – The purpose of the Adult CE Committee is to prepare and coordinate Adult Christian Education.  This includes presenting studies of the scriptures and current views of Biblical interpretation; presenting Christian understandings of current issues that concern the congregation; and helping us to understand the faith of members of the congregation.

Children and Youth Christian Education (CYCE) Committee – The CYCE Committee nurtures the spiritual and intellectual journey of our young people by coordinating teachers and resources for children’s education and by encouraging youth participation with wider church and community events.

Worship Planning Committee (WPC) – The purpose of the WPC is to prepare and coordinate all aspects of worship services.  This includes coordinating themes for upcoming worship services as well as people to serve the church by participating in worship.

Lived Faith Committee (LFC) – The purpose of the LFC is to motivate and enable individuals in the congregation to work for peace and justice in the local and global communities through financial support, service, and other means.

Mentor and Mentee Program (M&M) – The M&M program provides opportunities for youth and adults to build relationships as well as provides youth with a wide range of experiences with and interaction around faith issues.

Menno Works Committee – The Purpose of Menno Works is to cultivate and support study space, activities, materials, writings and relationships dedicated to peace theology, nonviolence, social justice, and Mennonite and Anabaptist history and faith. Menno Works seeks to encourage children and adults to develop and practice peaceful living. Menno Works offers an opportunity to explore faith discipleship in our world today from an Anabaptist and Mennonite perspective.

Pastor Congregation Relations Committee (PCRC) – The purpose of the PCRC is to ensure a growing relationship between the pastor and congregation and assist the pastor in personal and ministerial development.

Other volunteer church leadership positions include:

  • Moderators (who moderate congregational meetings in a manner consistent with our commitment to consensus decision-making),
  • Small Group Coordinator (who encourages individuals to join or start small groups in the congregation),
  • Social Chairs (who coordinate social activities which mark milestone events in the life of the congregation or the lives of its members),
  • Childcare Coordinator (who coordinates a childcare volunteer schedule for volunteers to serve in the nursery during CE, Worship, and other congregational meetings),
  • Administrator (who takes notes at CLC meetings and supplies minutes to CLC members and oversees the church’s public and internal communication activities such as newsletter, calendar, printed ads, website, etc. as needed),
  • Treasurer (who oversees the sound fiscal stewardship of the church’s resources according to the approved annual budget, pastor’s Memo of Understanding and in cooperation with the CLC and congregation),
  • Retreat Coordinators (who help plan the fabulous winter retreat), and
  • MCC liaison (who helps manage our relations with MCC and notifies the congregation about ways to support MCC).

Want more details about how it all works?